Luxury Rail Tour of Namibia


8 Nights

Starting from

75000.00 p.p.

Relive the golden age of rail travel with this luxury train safari through South Africa and Namibia.

Rovos Rail is recognised as one of the most luxurious trains in the world and is famous for their rail safari’s that leisurely transports guests across Africa. This unforgettable trip meanders 3,400km across the continent starting from the Highveld of South Africa and finishing at the Sea of Dunes bordering the Atlantic Coast in Namibia. Passing through 3 different deserts across South Africa and Namibia, you will not only be treated to the magnificent scenery rolling by but be taken on daily excursions to explore Namibia’s astounding landscapes and remarkable wildlife experiences.  


Ticks for your bucket list:

  • Take an all-inclusive luxury rail journey
  • View the deepest hand-dug mine in the world
  • Visit the largest canyon in Africa
  • See the highest sand dunes in the world
  • Enjoy six silver service dinners
  • Explore a 900-year-old petrified forest
  • Go to colourful Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert
  • Safari in the game rich Etosha National Park
  • Visit the German Hansa town of Swakopmund
  • 2019 trips sold out, book now for 2020

Cecil John Rhodes is famous for his dream to use the power of the steam engine to connect the vast African continent from north to south, and “Cape to Cairo” was the siren call driving transcontinental railway development at the end of the 19th century. The Cape to Cairo dream never did come to fruition, but its spirit persists and encapsulates the enduring love affair that South Africa has with luxury rail travel. 

Two South African train services regularly feature among the top five most luxurious in the world, but for us, the rail safaris offered by Rovos Rail truly stand out. Rovos skilfully blends luxury rail with safari experiences and this tour of Namibia will wow guests as they are taken on an exploration of the unique landscapes, places, and animals that roam this hauntingly beautiful and mystical land. 

The trip will, of course, also introduce you to some South African gems en route. These include Kimberley, the centre of the worlds-biggest ever diamond rush and home of the Big Hole, the deepest open cast mine dug entirely by hand. Before crossing the border to Namibia, guests will have the opportunity to tour Upington, famous for the wine produced on the desert flood planes adjacent to the Orange River. 

It is however in Namibia that this trip comes into its own. Here you will explore the Fish River Canyon, the largest on the African continent and the second largest in the world, before stopping off at Garas Park with its Quiver Tree forest and the Giant’s Playground. 

Crossing the Great Kalahari the trip take people to lively and cosmopolitan Windhoek. This compact city offers a rich fusion of African and German influences evident in its food, architecture and culture. The final leg of the trip takes guests on a safari in the famous Etosha National Park, a desert adventure in Sossusvlei and a visit to towns like Swakopmund and Walvis Bay on the Skeleton Coast and the Namib Desert.

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Day 1.  Board one of the most luxurious trains in the world

Pride of Africa


Full Board

Board The Pride of Africa and familiarise yourself with one of the most luxurious trains in the world. The birth of these luxurious beasts also has an interesting backstory. The company had a humble beginning with the purchase of a single coach shortly after founder Rohan Vos fell in love with steam trains. Inspired by a Wilbur Smith novel heroine with her own private railway coach, he set off on recreating the ultimate luxury steam train journey. Today, Rovos Rail still offers a limited number of steam train journeys, but their longer routes now run on a fleet of efficient diesel and electric locomotives. Keeping the nostalgia of the golden rail age alive, Rovos has one of the most extensive collections or restored vintage coaches, many of which are actively in use. Dinner is served every night in the dining car, and dress for dinner is always formal.

Day 2.  Visit the deepest hand-dug mine in the world

Pride of Africa

Tour Kimberley

Full Board

As you move towards Kimberley, you'll notice a shallow lake appear on the right-hand side of the train. On most occasions, there are a spectacular flock of Lesser Flamingos numbering almost 23,000 at the lake making for a colourful pink bust of colour set against normally arid plains. Kimberley owes its existence to the world's largest diamond rush, and the scars of its success are still plain to see. Guests will be taken on a tour of the city, the Diamond Mine Museum and the Big Hole - the deepest open cast mine dug entirely by hand. In the afternoon you can enjoy lunch in the dining cars, or tea in the lounge or observation car as you watch the scenery of the Great Karoo desert roll by.

Day 3.  Explore Upington and sample the wines it's famous for

Pride of Africa

Tour Upington

Full Board

Your final stop before the border crossing to Namibia is in Upington, a town famous for the wine produced on the flood plains of the orange river and you will be able to disembark and go on a 2-hour tour of the town. As you make your way to Namibia you'll notice an increasing number of animals, especially antelope and smaller animals like warthogs and meerkats roaming the landscape long before you arrive at any nature reserve. After crossing the border with Namibia at Nakop, the train snakes through the Great Karoo on the way to Holoog station where it will overnight.

Day 4.  See the biggest canyon in Africa

Pride of Africa

Fish River Canyon

Full Board

You will disembark the train and transfer to vehicles for the one-hour drive to the Fish River Canyon, the biggest canyon in Africa, and the second largest on the planet. This gigantic ravine is the second most visited attraction in Namibia. It spans more than 160km and is up to 27km wide. According to local folklore, it was created by the whiplash of a dragon's tale. The river is dry most of the year, flooding occasionally, but the famous Ai-Ais hot spring ensures a year-round green oasis at the bottom of the Canyon. On your return, the train departs Holoog, and travels along the southern reaches of the Kalahari Basin, before stopping at Garas Park for a visit to the Quiver Tree Forest and the Giant's Playground. Giant's Playground is formed by a unique geological phenomenon, resulting in massive stacks of rectangular dolomite boulders that appear to be stacked like giant Jenga towers.

Day 5.  Explore windhoek and fly to Sossusvlei

Sossusvlei Lodge

Fly to Sossusvlei

Bush Dinner

After arriving in Windhoek, guests can explore this charming Capitol with a city tour en route to the airport. The trip is a great way to learn about colonial past of the city and includes the key landmarks and monuments of the city, such as the train Museum, Christ Church, The Ink Palace, Rider Memorial and old Fort. At the airport, you will board a light aircraft for a one-hour flight to Sossusvlei. You'll enjoy lunch at the restaurant of this impressive lodge, before going on a desert drive to enjoy a spectacular Namibian sunset. In the evening you will experience an authentic African bush dinner and get a chance to gaze at the stars. Unlike dinners on the train, dress code for the bush dinner is casual.

Day 6.  Explore the highest dunes in the world at Sossusvlei

Pride of Africa

Explore Sossusvlei

Full Board

Your day is off to an early start as you receive a wake-up call with tea and coffee at 05:30. Your bags will be collected from your suite after you depart on your desert drive. The luxury lodge is situated right at the gate of the Namib Naukluft Park and is ideally located to easily access the towering red sand dunes of the area. Standing more than 400m tall, these are some of the tallest in the world, and also some of the most photographed. You will enjoy breakfast at Deadvlei before exploring this unmistakable landscape providing a burst of contrasting colour formed by the white clay pan, red dunes, but skies and black stumps of the petrified Acacia forest. There just isn't something like this anywhere else in the world. You will depart Sossusvlei by light aircraft to join the train back in Windhoek where lunch, tea and dinner are served on the train as you travel towards Otjiwarongo.

Day 7.  Enjoy a safari at Etosha National Park

Mokuti Lodge

Game Drive

Boma Dinner

You will be collected from Otjiwarongo Station for an overnight excursion to the Etosha National Park. Guests will stay at Mokuti Lodge on a 4000-hectare private reserve that shares a common border with the Etosha National Park and is only a few kilometres from the park's southern gate. After checking in and enjoying lunch, guests will go on an afternoon game drive which will last approximately 3 hours and offer lots of opportunities to spot the enormous variety of wildlife including elephant, hippos, crocodiles, lions, cheetah, leopards, wild dogs, buffalo, giraffe and many different types of antelope. Dinner options at the lodge abound, and guests can enjoy either a buffet or 3-course meal in served up the in the Tamboti Dining Room and Terrace, al fresco dining area or as a Boma Dinner experience.

Day 8.  Make your way to the sea of dunes

Pride of Africa

Game Drive

Full Board

Ensure that your overnight bag is ready to be collected from your suite by 07:00 before you depart for a final game drive in the Etosha National Park. Early morning game drives offer an excellent opportunity for game viewing as animals are more active before the heat of the day sets in. Stopping off at watering holes which provide a unique opportunity to see the spectacle of animals observing an uneasy truce as they all quench their first. You will return to the lodge for breakfast, before rejoining the train at Otjiwarongo. Enjoy lunch, tea and dinner on board as you make your way to the Atlantic Coast and the Sea of Dunes. 

Day 9.  Visit the Skeleton Coast

Pride of Africa

Swakopmund Tour

Full Board

Your final day of the train sees you traverse the Skeleton coast and a stop in at the perfectly preserved German Hansa town of Swakopmund; a town once said to be more German, than Germany. This rich history continues to reflect in the local culture and architecture, despite Swakopmund being more famous as Namibia’s premier seaside resort town these days. Your final stop is Walvisbay where you will disembark and depart for the airport for the first leg of your journey home. 

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