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Be prepared to be awestruck as you explore the oldest desert in the world.

Namibia has been growing in stature as a must-see destination in recent years and even Prince Harry and Megan Markle chose this country's hauntingly beautiful landscape for the backdrop to their honeymoon. This unique 10-day trip explores the key attractions of the country, including the capital city, the landscapes of the oldest desert in the world, the adventure playground around the Skeleton Coast, the ancient rock art of  UNESCO listed Twyfelfontein and the vast Etosha Pans National Park which is teeming wildlife. 


Ticks for your bucket list include:

  • Visit the highest dunes in the world

  • Climb the world-famous Dune 45

  • Visit a 900-year-old petrified forest

  • Take a hot air balloon over the desert

  • Have a desert quad bike adventure

  • Catamaran cruise with dolphins and seals

  • See 6000-year-old rock art

  • Cross path with desert elephants

  • See white and black rhinos roam free

With its well-developed road infrastructure, some of the best tourist facilities in Africa, and friendly locals, this vast and peaceful African country provides one of the greatest road trip opportunities available on the continent. Namibian Explorer has been crafted to ensure that visitors get to experience the breath-taking natural wonders and diverse cultural influences which shapes this amazing country. 

Your tour starts in Windhoek, the country’s capital, with a half-day tour which will see you exploring the city’s quirky mix of historical German and contemporary African influences. But the real magic of Namibia is best studied far beyond the city limits. 

This trip is designed to take visitors to the heart of the oldest desert in the world starting at Sossusvlei. Here you will find not only some of the largest dunes in the world but get to climb Dune 45, the most photographed dune in the world, thanks to the national road that passes nearby. If you’re feeling brave, you can take on Big Daddy instead. One of the tallest dunes in the world, it rises almost 400m making it nearly 100m taller than The Shard in London. Expect magnificent views from the top as a reward. 

You can also explore the stunning kaleidoscope of colour that bursts from nearby Deadvlei, where you will find a 900-year-old petrified Acacia forest set against a white clay pan, bright orange dunes and bright blue skies. Photographers will love the ever-changing hues as the sun pass over. 

From the heart of the desert, it’s on to Swakopmund, Namibia’s seaside playground where visitors will be spoilt for choice with a wide selection of both desert and marine-based adventures before heading north to the Etosha Pans National Park. Here the vegetation becomes more lush, bringing with it an explosion of wildlife, including the chance to see both white and black rhinos roaming free in their natural habitat.

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Day 1.  Take a half day tour of the Windhoek

Belvedere Boutique Hotel

Tour of Windhoek

Joe's Beerhouse

After arriving in Windhoek and collecting your 4x4 vehicle, you depart to the city to check into the Belvedere Boutique Hotel situated in Ludwigsdorf, better known to the locals as Small Windhoek. This leafy suburb situated in hills of Windhoek offers easy access to the city centre, and the modern shopping centres dotted around the city. Depending on what time you arrive you can either spend the day relaxing by the pool, go shopping or go on a half day tour of the city centre starting at 2 pm. The tour is a great way to learn about colonial past of the city and includes a visit to the key landmarks and monuments of the city, such as Christ Church, The Ink Palace, Rider Memorial and old Fort. For dinner, we suggest a visit to Joe’s Beerhouse, the capital’s most famous, and quirky local hangout. 

Included: Bed and breakfast only

Day 2.  Enjoy a bush dinner at Sossusvlei Lodge

Sossusvlei Lodge


Bush Dinner

In the morning you set off for the Sossusvlei Lodge which will be your base to explore the heart of the Namib Desert over the next three days. The luxury lodge is situated right at the gate of the Namib Naukluft Park and is ideally located with easily access the towering red sand dunes of the area, Sossuvlei, the petrified Acacia forest of Deadvlei and the Sesriem Canyon. The facilities include a sparkling pool to relax at, a sundowner deck and the junior suite even boasts a splash pool for the perfect way to cool down while enjoying inspiring views. On your first day, we recommend settling in and enjoying drinks on the sundowner deck before being taken to sample exquisite food and award-winning wines during your bush dinner. 

Included: Dinner, bed and breakfast, bush dinner

Day 3.  Go on a hot air balloon safari

Sossusvlei Lodge

Sunset Drinks

Half Board

It’s an early rise as you are collected half an hour before sunrise to go on a hot air balloon safari. Take off is at sunrise, as the first hour light in the day is known to be the most spectacular, especially in the desert with the rich contrast of the red sand dunes against the vast desert plains and surrounding rocky mountains. The balloon ride itself lasts for about an hour, after which you will land for a champagne breakfast. This is followed by a nature drive back to Sossusvlei during which you will learn more about the landscape and the animals that have adapted to life in this seemingly uninhabitable terrain. In the late afternoon, you will go on a leisurely drive on the lodge’s private reserve for sundowner drinks. Sunsets in Namibia are truly a spectacular affair. The tranquillity of the landscape is set against a colour explosion of golden, orange, red and blue hues. Most people report that sunset in the Namib is unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. After drinks, you will return to the lodge to enjoy dinner on the al fresco terrace overlooking the floodlit watering hole. Here you will see animals observing an uneasy truce as they all come to quench their first.
Included: Dinner, bed & breakfast, hot air balloon ride, sunset drive, sunset drinks

Day 4.  Climb the highest dune in the world

Sossusvlei Lodge

Desert Adventure

Half Board

It’s another early start to the day as you board a URI Gameviewer all-terrain vehicle which has been custom built for the lodge. You will be escorted by a specially trained guide who will share his knowledge of the area and the fauna and flora that calls it home. Regular stops will are made on this spectacular 60km route and highlights of your day will include Dune 45, the most photographed sand dune in the world. You will visit Deadvlei, a white clay pan which is home to a 900-year-old petrified Acacia forest. Set against a backdrop of the red dunes and blue skies. The setting is a firm favourite with photographers with the hues continually shifting depending on the time of day. Getting to Deadvlei does require a gradual 2.6km round trip walk, so be sure to wear comfortable shoes and light clothing for this guided walk. For the more adventurous, there is also the opportunity to climb the upper ridge of Big Daddy Dune. At nearly 400m, this is one of the tallest dunes in the world, and almost 100m higher than the Shard in London. 

Included: Dinner, bed and breakfast and all activities

Day 5.  Visit the Skeleton Coast

Beach Lodge

Explore Swakopmund

The Wreck Restaurant

After breakfast, you will leave for Swakopmund where you will check into the Beach Lodge. This small and charming hotel is the only one in Swakopmund with direct beach access, and both the food and views at its onsite restaurant are unbeatable. The hotel is tucked away from the principal tourist area, making it one of the most tranquil hotels in the area and you will have the wide open beach here almost to yourself. Swakopmund's German heritage is evident in the architecture, food and customs of the town, and at a time, it was said that Swakopmund was more German than Germany. Today this seaside town is the centre of the Skeleton Coast Tourism Area, and visitors are spoilt for choice in land, air and water-based activities in the region. This small and compact town is easy to explore on foot, and for your first day, we suggest you explore the town with its many shops, café’s and restaurants. Alternatively, visitors may choose to explore Pelican Point in Walvis Bay about half an hour south of Swakopmund. Pelican Point is at the tip of a narrow stretch of sand which creates a large saltwater lagoon with unique plant and animal life. You will pass by a weathered shipwreck that the tells the story of a lost fight against the sea, and catch sight of flamingos, pelicans, terns and a colony of Cape Fur Seals en route. For dinner, we suggest you return to the hotel and dine at the Shipwreck Restaurant. The food and sunset views dished up here are just unbeatable. 

Included: Bed and Breakfast
Some images courtesy of Swakopmund Info

Day 6.  Learn about Nama and Herero Culture

Beach Lodge

Township Tour

Jetty 1905

Visitors are spoilt for choice when choosing how to spend their final day in Swakopmund. The town is an adventure sport mecca and sandboarding, quad-biking, camel tours and a catamaran cruise alongside seals and dolphins are just a few of the available options. If you are interested in learning more about local culture we suggest the half day tour of nearby Mondesa township. Your knowledgeable and entertaining guide will provide you with a wealth of information about the area which was established in the 1950s to provide housing for the black people working in Swakopmund – a reminder of the apartheid era laws that were enforced here while the country was under the custodianship of South Africa until independence in 1990. You will not only get to experience a day in the life of the friendly locals, but it provides an ideal opportunity to explore tribal culture with a visit to a traditional Nama herbalist, a drink at a shebeen (an informal African bar) where you can indulge in some typical Namibian delicacies like omagungu, better known as mopani worms. You will also visit a Herero dressmaker to learn more about this colourful art form and the Herero culture. Another of our firm favourites is the Living Deserts Tour. While the rest of this trip focusses on large game, this specialist tour will take you on a safari to meet the small, and often colourful creatures, that call this desert landscape home. In the evening we recommended heading to Jetty 1905, one of the most popular restaurants in Swakopmund, which as the name suggest is at the end of a century-old jetty. 

Included: Bed and breakfast only

Day 7.  See ancient rock art and meet the desert elephants

Twyfelfonteing Lodge

Nature Drive

Buffet Dinner

After breakfast, it’s time to take a road trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site at Twyfelfontein in Damaraland. The name means “Fountain of doubt” and is in reference to the perennial spring situated in the Huab Valley. The valley is flanked by the slopes of a sandstone mountain, and this spectacularly scenic area is both one the largest and most important rock art locations in Africa, with some carvings estimated to be as old as 6000 years. There are more than 30 different sites hosting these sacred records of Khoi San ritual practices and heritage. An afternoon nature drive in the dry river bed will take you past natural wonders such as mysterious Namib fairy circles, Doros Crater, Burnt Mountain, Organ Pipes, a petrified forest and the Twyfelfontein guides have a reputation for finding the famous desert elephants that roam the dry river bed. Twyfelfontein Lodge, where you will be staying, has been designed to blend in with the landscape and offers magnificent views from the deck over the Haub Valley, desert plaints and distant mountains. After enjoying sundowners on your nature drive, you will be returned to the Lodge for a buffet dinner followed by a stargazing excursion with the resident astronomer who will teach you about the southern skies and give you the opportunity to observe it using a powerful telescope. 

Included: Bed and breakfast, nature drive, buffet dinner, stargazing

Day 8.  Enjoy a boma dinner in a mopani forest

Etosha Village

Walking Trail

Boma Dinner

On day eight you will set off for your final destination, Etosha Village. Situated just 2km south of the entrance to the Etosha National Park near Okaukeujo, this well-appointed resort on a private reserve offers a luxurious alternative to the accommodation found in the park itself. The friendly and expert staff and guides will ensure that your stay here is a memorable one. On your first day, you can enjoy one of the many walking trails on the lodge’s grounds, lounge by the sparkling pool and enjoy a nature drive for sunset drinks before exchanging stories of your day around the fire at the boma dinner experience. The lodge offers an enchanting boma dinner venue inside a mopane forest. It provides an authentic bush cuisine menu prepared on open fires and has an elevated star gazing deck and a bar with views over the Etosha National Park.

Included: Bed and breakfast, sunset nature drive, boma dinner experience

Day 9.  Go on a walking safari

Etosha Village

Afternoon Game Drive

Half Board

Your day starts with a guided walking safari at sunrise. The is an excellent time of the day to be in nature as the wildlife tend to be at their most active before the heat of the day sets in. Your expert guide will not only ensure that you have the best chances to see the local wildlife but will give you great insight into the region and the behaviour of the animals that roam in this area. You’ll be taken back to the lodge for lunch and around 2 pm you will board an open-view vehicle with a maximum of 10 passengers for an afternoon drive through the Etosha National Park from the Andersson Gate. Your drive includes visits to various watering holes offering a prime opportunity to view the antelope, predators, rhino, zebra, giraffes, and a multitude of other animals roaming the park. Guides are in constant contact with game rangers and may alter the set route to ensure that guests have the best chance to see the wildlife spectacle on offer in the park. 

Included: Bed and breakfast, walking safari, afternoon game drive

Day 10.  Go a morning game drive

Etosha Village

Morning Game Drive

Half Board

On your final day at Etosha Village, you will enjoy a morning game drive which starts at 06:30. The morning game drive take around 6 hours to complete and offers plenty of opportunities to spot the wildlife in the park. There is also a stop-over at Olifants Bad, or “Elephants’ bath" where guests are treated to light refreshments and have the opportunity to 'stretch their legs' before continuing back to Okaukuejo where they can spend a while watching the animals at the water hole. On your final night, you will have the opportunity to enjoy dinner at the Lodge and go on your last stargazing opportunity. The following morning you will depart Etosha and return to Windhoek for your flight.

Included: Bed and breakfast, morning game drive, stargazing

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